MadRoosterLab Crb-2

Chatterbox Resonator (CBR-2) is a triple multimode filter with different types of modes; Inspired by the early speech synthesizers of the 70′ it can be a powerful filter, a resonator or a talker filter! Features

  • 100% Analog audio path and filters design
  • 3 modes: Filter with LP-BP-HP, Vowel mode + LFO mode
  • Built-in LFO for self-modulation
  • Digital controlled matrix with led indication for easy control
  • CV controlled Resonance, global modulation, + 1 CV for each filter
  • 3 different Filter modes: Unisono (36dB/Oct), Master-Slave (resonator) or free
  • CPU controlled filters in vowel mode, for an exact vocal tuning
  • Vowel mode with 3 different CV modulation: Vocal Morphing, From-to, and Random
  • Linear transition between LP and HP with switch for BP
  • Standard Eurorack format and power

IN STOCK – 339€

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Mrl CBR-2 Manual 1.0

 CBR-2 Block Diagram

Block Diagram

CBR-2 is powered by  720px-Arduino_Logo.svg